W Society is a luxury wedding network consisting of local chapters with global connections. Uniting visionary wedding industry leaders renowned for their exceptional talent and outstanding contributions to the world of weddings.

At W Society, we recognize the unparalleled creativity and expertise of leaders in shaping the wedding landscape. We provide an exclusive space where these trailblazers can connect, collaborate, and inspire one another.

Our members span across various sectors, including event planning, floral design, photography, couture fashion, and more, all representing the pinnacle of excellence in their respective fields.

Join us at W Society and become part of an extraordinary network that amplifies the voices of entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. Together, we will continue to shape the future of weddings, leaving an indelible mark on this extraordinary realm of love, celebration, and unrivaled beauty.


At the core of W society We value collaboration over competition. 

After 15 years as a luxury event planners, designing and coordinating weddings for celebrities, mega entrepreneurs, music royalty, professional athletes, and owners of sports teams as well as events for iconic brands such as Rolls Royce, Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, and Comic Con. We have learned that collaboration over competition is the best way to elevate and expand your business and brand. 

Having attended numerous industry summits and conferences where we mingled with la crème de la crème, filled with enchanting experiences on-site, only to return home and rediscover our local network lacked the essence of prosperity. The connections we fostered did not translate into tangible benefits for our local business leaving us yearning for a refined, elevated, and luxurious local network that aligned with our ideals and propelled us together towards greater heights in the industry.

W Society was created out of a need for a local network with global connections. Our local chapters serve as bridges, facilitating connections within the community where your business thrives, while simultaneously providing access and valuable advice from contacts worldwide. With optional chapter meet-ups benefiting your local endeavors and global summits opening doors to endless opportunities, W Society offers the best of both worlds for your growth and success.

The "W" in W Society stands for wedding industry leaders, who are world-Renowned, embracing wisdom and wealth on their journey to success. 

We believe in cultivating wealth, not only in terms of financial prosperity but also in artistic excellence, innovation, and personal fulfillment. Through collaboration, support, and the exchange of knowledge. W Society paves the way for women to thrive, make a lasting impact, and create a legacy within the vibrant and ever-evolving world of weddings.


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W Society Chapters span across the WORLD, creating a dynamic network of  thought leaders in the wedding industry. 


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Our membership opens the  doors to a vibrant community in the wedding industry, offering invaluable support, resources, and connections to propel professional growth and success.


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W Society memberSHIP grants exclusive access to a world of exceptional opportunities Locally and Around the World.



Meet OUR Chapter Directors

Krystel Stacey is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and creative director. Leading in visual strategy for purpose-led entrepreneurs who are ready to build, design, and scale iconic brands.

She spent 15 years as a wedding planner in San Diego, CA. She scaled and grew her planning and design business along the coast of CA. 

As a multi-million-dollar entrepreneur she has built 7 different businesses and currently sits as CEO of 2 high growth luxury brands- W Society & Voila Strategies. With years of small business success and a recognized leader in her field, Krystel was featured in FORBES for her expertise and now sits on the Forbes Business Council. 

Always inspiring other female entrepreneurs to design a life and business they love, Krystel founded W Society as the community she wished she would have had while working in the wedding industry. 

She's now excited to be leading and guiding the Chapter Directors of W Society across the globe. Using the expertise she learned through investment of time and money into learning and education, and of course, personal experience. After planning and designing over 500 events she has unlocked many secrets to the world of weddings and she is here to share them all with you, our members.  

Krystel Stacey

Founder & Creative Director

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