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Emily Foss

The connections I've made, the knowledge I've gained, and the way W Society has sky-rocketed my business has been invaluable. It's a community that truly lifts each other up and fuels success. The support, resources, and friendships I've gained are worth their weight in gold. W Society is the place to be for any ambitious entrepreneur ready to take their business to the next level.

Member Testimonial

Yes, W Society is dedicated to the professional growth and development of its members. We offer various mentorship and educational programs designed to support members in their journey to success.

Our mentorship initiatives connect members with experienced industry professionals who provide guidance, advice, and support tailored to individual needs. Additionally, we offer educational programs such as workshops, webinars, and masterclasses led by industry experts, covering a wide range of topics including business strategies, marketing, branding, and industry trends.

These programs provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to help members elevate their skills and stay ahead in the dynamic wedding industry. At W Society, we believe in the power of continuous learning and mentorship to fuel personal and professional growth, and we strive to provide our members with exceptional opportunities in these areas.

8. Does W Society offer any mentorship or educational programs for members?

To become a W Society member, there are a few requirements that we consider. First and foremost, W Society membership is specifically designed for leaders in the wedding industry.

We welcome individuals who are passionate about their craft and committed to excellence. Additionally, we encourage members to have a certain level of professional experience and expertise in their respective fields. While there may not be strict quantitative criteria, we value a demonstrated track record of success and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement. W Society membership is also subject to a membership fee, which helps support the community and its activities. Overall, we seek members who align with our values, are dedicated to their craft, and are eager to contribute to and benefit from our vibrant community.

7. What are the requirements for becoming a W Society member?

Getting featured in a W Society editorial styled shoot is an exciting opportunity to showcase your talent and gain exposure. As a member, you will have access to submission through our exclusive channels, allowing you to submit your work for consideration by our expert team.

 We value creativity, innovation, and high-quality execution, Our team carefully reviews each submission and selects those that best represent the desired aesthetic and contribute to the overall concept. Being featured in a W Society editorial styled shoot can elevate your brand and provide valuable visibility within the industry.

6. How can I get featured in W Society editorial styled shoot?

Yes, as a member of W Society, you have the exciting opportunity to attend events in other cities, expanding your network, gaining new insights, and forging connections with industry professionals beyond your local area.

5. Can I attend events in other cities?

Yes, W Society offers the flexibility to transfer your membership if you move. We understand that life circumstances may change, and we want to ensure that you can continue to benefit from your membership regardless of your location.

 Transferring your membership allows you to seamlessly transition to the W Society chapter in your new area, providing you with continued access to our vibrant community, events, and resources. Whether you're relocating within the same country or moving to a different part of the world, we are committed to supporting your journey and ensuring that you can maintain your valuable connections and engagement with W Society. Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the transfer process, helping you seamlessly integrate into the local chapter and make the most of your W Society membership in your new location.

4. Can I transfer my membership if I move?

No, attendance at W Society events is limited to members only. As a member-driven community, our events are specifically designed to provide exclusive opportunities, networking, and educational experiences for our esteemed members.

This ensures a focused and tailored environment where members can thrive, collaborate, and benefit from the collective wisdom and support of fellow industry professionals. While non-members may not attend these events directly, we encourage interested individuals to explore membership options to unlock the full range of benefits and access to our exceptional events and workshops.

3. Can I attend W Society events and workshops if I'm not a member?

After becoming a member you get to create a log in. Through this log in, you are granted access to our Members Area where you are able to RSVP and purchase tickets to meetings, events, photoshoots, and wedding shows. 

Inside of our members area you will also gain access to our masterclass and W Society resources.

2. After I sign up for Membership how do I reserve my seat or spot at events.

The "W" in W Society stands for Wedding Industry Leaders becoming World-Renowned, embracing Wisdom and Wealth on their journey to success.

We believe in cultivating wealth, not only in terms of financial prosperity but also in artistic excellence, innovation, and personal fulfillment. Through collaboration, support, and the exchange of knowledge, W Society paves the way for women to thrive, make a lasting impact, and create a legacy within the vibrant and ever-evolving world of weddings.

1. What does the "W" in W Society stand for?


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